Rosso Fiorentino electroacoustics - reproducing reality
Music is an essential element of life. I believe that listening to it should be a free-flowing and effortless experience. Accordingly, a well designed hi-fi system should freely deliver the emotional power of sound without altering its naturalness.

With the Rosso Fiorentino systems, I wish to convey our culture to the listeners, a culture that is deeply rooted within all members of our company, and which is based on a common passion for live music, an academic background in electroacoustics, and the instinctive pursuit of elegance.

Elegance is a very important aspect of our life, a balance of innate good taste and precise choices, care for the essence and meticulous attention to each detail. Music and elegance, electroacoustic engineering and aesthetics, all combine to form the essence of the Rosso Fiorentino loudspeaker systems, whose main purpose is, at the end of the day, to recreate the sound event in all its original naturalness.

Along the way, the never-ending challenge of "Reproducing reality" is our constant ultimate guideline.