Rosso Fiorentino electroacoustics - centro

The subtle blend of sobriety and sophistication, acoustic performance and elegance, the Prestige series includes technical features that meet the requirements of the most discerning music lovers.

A centre loudspeaker is usually designed to play a leading role in a multi-channel audio system, because that is where most of the dialogue in motion picture soundtracks and of the singing in live concerts are directed to.

Thanks to its vented construction, sturdy and inert cabinet and refined electroacoustic design, Centro is able to combine extended frequency response and great dynamic range with refined detail and articulation.

Centro was conceived with the same high standards and performance targets as the Pienza and Certaldo speakers, making it their perfect partner in exceptional multi-channel systems.

With Centro, movies and music come to life with impressive realism. Home theatre and multichannel music will be a truly involving and thrilling experience.