Rosso Fiorentino electroacoustics - certaldo

The subtle blend of sobriety and sophistication, acoustic performance and elegance, the Prestige series includes technical features that meet the requirements of the most discerning music lovers.

The Certaldo is a slim floor-stander whose graceful and clean lines hold a refined and unusual 2.5 way system.

Like its sibling Pienza, the Certaldo features a highly sophisticated enclosure, where a blend of mechanically different materials helps to render the cabinet incredibly still and inert allowing the wonderfully accurate and detailed drivers to operate with utmost clarity and dynamics.

The basic structure of the cabinet is made of composite high density fiberboard with hollowed out compartments filled with tiny chips of marble set in the sides. Friction losses among the chips give rise to a particularly high degree of internal attenuation.

Layers of viscoelastic elastomers are strategically placed inside the cabinet to further absorb panels vibration while steel tension tie-rods firmly connect the aluminum front panel to the back of the speaker for increased rigidity. Two colored safety glass side panels complete the system adding not only a beautiful and unique finishing touch but significantly increased stability.

The result is an impressive floor-standing loudspeaker which combine the same incredible dynamic, speed, detailed and open sound stage of the Pienza, with an even more authoritative and refined acoustic presence.