Rosso Fiorentino Audio - Elbagiglio

“Elba, in other words the perfect combination of the technological assets and the experience of Rosso Fiorentino with the desire to create an affordable loudspeaker. Because if, as Plato said, beauty, art and music are teachers of life (Ethics), then these values must be within the reach of as many people as possible, without compromise. For this reason we can say that Elba is a "democratic" masterpiece!” (designer Francesco Rubenni)

THE PROJECT: After years of success and international recognition with its higher range of products, Rosso Fiorentino has decided to work towards creating a high quality line of speakers for a wider audience, encompassing the values and unmistakable style of Rosso Fiorentino. The result is the Classic Series which consists of the models Giglio (standmount), Pianosa (center channel) and the floorstanding Elba. All of these models are a good size without being too big and invasive and have been designed to produce high quality sound and refined finishes which, in other words mean excellent value for money.

With the creation of Elba, Rosso Fiorentino feels that it has achieved its original target of upholding sensitivity to beauty and attention to detail, so typical of the craftmanship of the land where RF is based, and has managed to combine them with the high technology content so characteristic of all projects flowing from the pen of engineer Francesco Rubenni and confirming that balanced yet addictive sound so typical of the family of RF speakers.

This refined speaker is capable of winning the interest of both audiophile and music lover as well as fitting easily into any decor thanks to its elegant design, high quality materials and careful finishing. It was presented in a world preview to the press and the distributors at the Munich High End Show 2015 where it received a warm welcome and much praise from Jonathan Valin senior editor of the prestigious American audio magazine The Absolute Sound.

But the arrival of Elba makes the Classic Series also an excellent choice for the realization of an ambitious home-theater system characterized by a coherent acoustic field and by amazing sonic performances. Their elegant finishes and clean design enable Elba, Giglio and Pianosa to integrate harmoniously in any style of decor.

designed and made by hand in Firenze benefiting from the ancient tradition of this region of Italy where craftsmanship and art are always two sides of the same coin

A simple but elegant design which encompasses all the technology, experience and performances typical of a Rosso Fiorentino loudspeaker, and, thanks to its sober style, enables it to fit harmoniously into any listening rooms

Elba, conceived and manufactured drawing inspiration by the music and for the music, and that's why we can say that they are daughters of music, but also daughters of Francesco Rubenni, electroacoustic engineer, musician, talent scout, concert promoter, sound engineer, founder and designer of Rosso Fiorentino. A life dedicated to Music.