Rosso Fiorentino electroacoustics - florentia

The Flagship series introduces our masterpieces, the toughest challenges we decided to take on in loudspeaker design.

In a field still full of conservatism and mostly curve-shaped designs, the Florentia stand up like a modern architectural monument. Its physical presence and the strength of its straight and angled lines convey a great sense of power and dynamism which is, however, balanced by its precious material and construction details which reveal its noble and refined character.

The Florentia is made up of three individual sections. The upper and lower sealed sections house respectively the mid-bass and bass drive units, while the middle open baffle section contains the midrange and treble drive units and the crossover.

The emotional body feeling experience of music typical of certain rock/pop live performances or the real and embracing sonic presence of a classic orchestra can only be faithfully reproduced starting from the very low frequency range. In the Florentia, two 12 inch subwoofers are housed in the lower sealed section, covering sub-bass range to below 20 Hz. These impressive 'made in Italy' transducers are the result of a design partnership with one of the leading international driver manufacturers, B&C speakers. They make use of a powerful, vented full neodymium magnet system and are especially designed to easily handle extremely high excursions and very low air compression. Each driver is then indepently driven by a 750 watt digital amplifier which provides a great power reserve for amazing dynamics and control at the very low frequency range. With its possibility of level and phase adjustments Florentia will easily adapt to the acoustics of the listening room.

Two midrange drive units, one soft-dome tweeter and one ribbon ultrasonic generator are integrated into the solid, CNC-machined aluminium-hdf sandwich middle panel which is also sculpted to reduce diffraction to minimal levels. The midrange units operate in a special open baffle structure which eliminates the typical resonant problems that hamper most midrange enclosures causing the sound to take on a coloration. The top and bottom panels of the open baffle module are designed at different angles to the speakers and padded with absorbent material in order to reduce resonances at mid range frequencies. The back of the middle panel is designed to reduce diffraction at mid frequency to minimal levels. The result, together with the open baffle system, is a natural and clear sound with excellent depth and open soundstage performance. Regarding the high frequency range, even the most demanding recordings will be faithfully reproduced with all musical details thanks to the match between the tweeter and supertweeter which complement each other with their frequency ranges and sound dispersion characteristics to achieve an absolutely homogenous reproduction.

more to come...