Rosso Fiorentino electroacoustics - siena


'La sala del Rosso' listening space has been a massive project in terms of sound room design. Located in part of an ancient Florentine castle full of volts and niches which although beautiful presented problems of flutter echoes, dead spots, and general lack of uniformity in sound distribution. A major modification of the shape of the room was going to be necessary but had to be done without ruining the existing structure. We had the idea of reshaping the space by suspending acoustic screens from the ceiling and standing them away from the walls. A combination of porous absorbers, polycilindrical wooden scattering surfaces and binary amplitude diffuser panels provided the correct broadband reverberation time with a high degree of diffuseness of the sound field which is obviously beneficial for both live and reproduced music. In addition, a series of custom broadband and membrane traps insure bass linearity down to the first octave. In this space, the listener can fully experience the true quality of our product range.

An essential tool for designing our speakers

Most passionate music lovers know about the importance of having an acoustically treated listening room as a fundamental component of their audio system. For us, as loudspeaker manufacturers, such a space is an essential tool in the process of designing a loudspeaker. It serves as an electroacoustic laboratory for taking measurements and a sheltered haven where we pass hours of listening tests for the fine tuning of our products. It enables us to experience the real potential of our speakers and, with the use of state of the arts electronics, to raise the quality of our design process to the highest level possible.

Closer to music ...the challenge of REPRODUCING REALITY

Working in this field we gradually get used to the sound, refined though it might be, of reproduced music, 'forgetting' that the real sound, the pure sound, comes from live music. Because all of us at Rosso love music, we decided to open our listening space as a venue for live concerts. This gives us a great opportunity to get even closer to music and, every now and then to 'retune' our ears and emotions to our ultimate muse: live music.